Customized Services

Xinwei exclusively owns the core IPR of McWiLL broadband multimedia trunking system, and has the capability to transform core software and hardware, products and even system structure. It can offer customized services to specific industries and users.

Successful Cases:

Frequency Customization
Customize 340M band (336-344MHz) BTS and terminal products for Public Security and security industries.
Customize 2.1G, 700M-band BTS and terminal products for overseas users

System Customization
Customize McWiLL  nuclear power plant safety communications system for CGNPC, which features low emission power, automatic detection of electromagnetic radiation restricted area, and automatic prohibition of uplink transmission in restricted areas.

Product Customization
Customize dedicated embedded module that supports software running meter reading application.
Customize CPE products integrating WiFi AP functions for overseas operators.

Service Customization
Customize and release billing and small-volume payment service platform for emerging overseas operators to accelerate their user development and investment recovery.

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