Integrated User Data Management System

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Integrated user data management system is a core device of McWiLL? broadband multimedia trunking system that provides HLR network element functions, and supports managing users of regular voice, trunking voice, short messages, videos and broadband data access. Its functions include mobility management, call handling, supplementary service management, authentication center, etc. It can also store user subscription information, terminal position information, numbers, accounts, etc., applicable to construction of trunking soft switch end offices with various capacities.


- Based on generic server platform, adopt distributed architecture;
- Support integrated user and integrated service management;
- Support trunking group and group member management;
- Support group priority and user priority management;
- Support user classification management;
- Support wireless VPN;
- Support HA.


- Maximum user capacity: 3 million (number of static subscribers)
- Authentication parameter generation rate on busy: ≥5,000 three-parameter sets/s;
- Number of concurrent signals per second: ≥2,000;
- Registration latency: ≤2,000ms;
- Authentication latency: ≤2,000ms;
- Information search response latency: ≤1,000ms;
- Position updating latency: ≤2,000ms;
- MTBF≥ 1,151,000h;
- MTTR ≤1h.





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