Integrated Network Management and Operation Support System

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Integrated network management and operation support system is an important component of McWiLL? broadband wireless multimedia trunking system, integrating management of core network device and wireless equipments with operation support, with both network management and operation maintenance support capability. It helps to cut the investment of the beginning and shorten the construction period of operation and maintenance support platform.


- Based on generic server platform;
- Distributed architecture;
- Trunking mode and good scalability;
- CORBA port for superior network management system; 
- Integrated with GIS, supporting ranging between network elements and beneficial to network planning;
- Supporting dual-server hot standby.


- Maximum number of manageable BTSs: 1,000;
- Maximum number of concurrent registered BTSs: 20;
- Maximum number of accessible terminals: 16;
- Server starting time: less than five minutes;
- Terminal starting time: less than 30 seconds;
- Maximum number of active alarms: 10,000;
- Maximum number of historical alarms: one million;
- Maximum capability of alarm handling: 30 alarms/s for five minutes;
- Average capability of alarm handling: 15 alarms/s;
- Active alarm inquiry response time: less than five seconds.





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